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Premium Tinted Epoxy Resin Complete Kit

Premium Tinted Epoxy Resin Complete Kit


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Premium Tinted Epoxy Resin Complete Kit

Premium Tinted Epoxy is a complete kit containing tinted two pack Epoxy to your desired colour for applying Premium Tinted Epoxy to protect concrete, tile or other head surfaces with enhanced UV Resistant properties. UVthane PLUS can enhance UV & scratch resistance properties of the finish surface.

Premium Tinted Epoxy is an industrial grade epoxy coating material for high performance floors with added benefit of safer surface. The product has various applications due to its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and adhesion properties to most substrates. Premium Tinted Epoxy has been developed specifically for Australian conditions using the latest epoxy technology. It provides excellent protection against weathering conditions and the splash and spillage of a wide range of chemicals. Premium Tinted Epoxy provides a highly durable, chalk resistant, wear and chemical resistance surface for concrete floors. High quality epoxy floor coating system in many colours that is solvent free when used as coating or binder. The product can be tinted in all Australian Standard Colours. Premium Tinted Epoxy coating has specially developed to be incorporated with non-slip materials to provide your desired floor finishing system, with functionality and style. The surface may be laid as a thin film using roller applicator. The thickness of the coating can be reduced by addition of Diluent.

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5sqm Kit, 10sqm Kit, 25sqm Kit, 40sqm Kit, 60sqm Kit, 90sqm Kit


Bright Blue B23, White N14, Neutral Grey N23, Black N61, Dark Grey N64, Terracotta R52, Dark Brown X65, Cream Y34


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