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Flooring is one of the most important aspects of any interior construction or external renovation. This makes ensuring that the finished look of any epoxy floor coating or epoxy floor paint is nothing short of perfection. At Shimicoat, we live and breathe all things epoxy, and we’ve been supplying the ultimate products that cater for residential, commercial and industrial needs for well over two decades.

We believe that flooring can make or break the look of a property or outside area. That’s why every Shimicoat product has been designed to complement the rest of our range. Whether you need a small area of epoxy floor paint or extensive epoxy floor coatings for a larger project, we’ve got the right epoxy resin kit to bring your mental flooring image to reality.

From our product expertise to our customer-centred ethos, the Shimicoat experience begins with your first contact and progresses to the flooring masterpiece you hoped for. Whether you’re purchasing for trade or a DIY project, our complete flooring kits have been custom-designed to meet your epoxy floor coating and epoxy resurfacing needs.

We’re proudly Australian-owned and operated and our team will happily discuss your needs and advise as to the product/s that will best suit your needs. Plus, we’ll deliver them for free and provide full training and installation instructions as well.

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Gorgeous Solutions for Every Flooring Project

The Shimicoat difference provides the ultimate epoxy flake choices, whatever your demands. Choose from our wide range of epoxy flooring and associated materials that include:

  • Epoxy Flakes
  • Metallic Epoxy Floor
  • Tinted Epoxy
  • Commercial Slip Resistant Finish
  • Decorative Coatings and many other Floor Finishing Systems
  • Offering a wide range of materials such as Solid and Blended Design Flakes in many colours, Glow in the Dark, Sparkling Glitters, Matting Agents, Liquid Tints, Powder & Liquid Pigments, Silica Sand Slip Resistant Grits, Super Ceramic Filler, Coving & Mortar Epoxy, Anti-Slip and many other materials.

Got a question or unsure which epoxy flakes or presentation will suit your requirements? Contact our experienced sales team who’ll be delighted to advise on the extensive range designed specifically to encompass every epoxy flooring need.

From Epoxy Diluent to Epoxy Hardener, the Shimicoat Chemicals are Engineered for the Australian Climate

Epoxy flooring is only as good as the chemical products used in their construction. That’s why it’s vital to combine top quality flakes and surfaces with expertly constructed chemicals, such as ideal epoxy hardeners/curing agent, epoxy diluents, sealers, grouting and more. Our extensive range includes:

  • AcryDil:The ultimate acrylate epoxy diluent
  • Catalyst-Fast Cure:Essential epoxy hardener
  • Densilicate:A concrete densifier, dust suppressant and penetrating sealer
  • EpoDil:An outstanding epoxy diluent blend of solvents
  • Groutex:Top end grouting latex concrete polishing
  • Xylene: Organic solvent epoxy diluent and thinner

The ultimate epoxy floor not only looks fantastic but is hardwearing with great longevity. Shimicoat’s range of chemicals are custom-blended and designed to complement every flooring option in their range, be they internal, external, non-slip, domestic or commercial.

The Ultimate Epoxy Resin Solutions for Use by Both Tradies and DIYers

Not all epoxy resin is made equal. When it comes to choosing the best for your professional or DIY flooring project, it makes perfect sense to purchase a solution that’s been created by experts to address all the unique necessities for the job in hand. That’s why those in the know trust Shimicoat to deliver, every single time…

We offer a wide range of epoxy resin, including:

  • Ultra-Clear Epoxy Resin
  • Pro Deep Cast Clear Epoxy Resin
  • Ocean Cast RiverTable Clear Epoxy Resin
  • Deep Cast Epoxy
  • Premium Tinted Epoxy Resin
  • Fibre Glass Epoxy Resin
  • Swimming Pool Epoxy Resin
  • Fast Cure Tinted Epoxy
  • Fast Cure Clear Epoxy
  • Line Marking Epoxy Resin

And much, much more…

MA Floor is Only as Good as it’s Sealer. That’s Why You Can’t Settle for Anything Less than the Best

Whether you’re a pro or a dabbling DIYer, when it comes to creating the ultimate epoxy floor it’s essential that the sealer is as good as the makeup of the floor itself. That’s why Shimicoat epoxy floor sealers aren’t simply up to the job, they’ve been honed over two decades to provide the ultimate in sealing technology.

Our range of top-quality polyurethane floor sealers encompass a wide variety to cover every type of concrete floor sealer needs, including:

  • Tintable concrete floor sealer
  • Matte finish concrete floor sealer
  • Water-based concrete floor sealer
  • High gloss concrete floor sealer

And many more to suit every requirement.

Great Craftsmanship Demands Great Tools. We Couldn’t Find Any that Met Our Demands, So We Created Our Own.

Sometimes, if you want a job done right, then you just have to do it yourself. With two decades of experience in all things epoxy, we know that without the right tools it’s impossible to get the perfect results. That’s why our Cup Grinding Wheels and RediLock Diamond Plates are, quite simply, made for the tasks in hand and are the best on the market.

Many tradie and DIY projects have benefitted from the combination of our epoxy flooring products and tools to get the job done. The complete range of Shimicoat products are designed to be simple to use and bring about the ultimate results. Don’t let down your handiwork by settling for substandard tools – shop our Cup Grinding Wheels and RediLock Diamond Plates now.

Forget the Choice Conundrum – We’ve Done all the Hard Work for You!

Epoxy kits contain everything you need for your individual epoxy floor project. In short, we remove the sometimes complicated understanding of the kit needed for many of the most common epoxy projects.

  • Need an epoxy resin kit to repair cracks? We’ve got the kit solution.
  • Thinking about a metallic floor? There’s an epoxy kit containing all you need for the job.
  • Non-slip? Coving? Fast cure? Concrete polish? Shimicoat’s epoxy kits have got you covered.

We’ve created kits to suit most trade and DIY projects, not only making purchasing simplicity itself, but assisting with ease of pricing as well. You want more? We can provide you quotation tailored to your specific requirements to finish your flooring project.


Proudly Australian!

Shimicoat is an Australian owned company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in industrial applications of chemicals and materials. We provide manufacture and supply quality epoxy and coating materials to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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Our Slip Resistant technology is innovative and highly applicable across a range of applications including office floor, industrial warehouses, garage floors and commercial kitchens.

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