Glow In The Dark Powder For Epoxy Floors

Shimicoat offers Glow in Dark Powders in Green and Blue long-lasting dominant colours. The products are rechargeable and absorb light from sun and releases in darkness.
Another name for glow in dark is phosphorescence or fluorescence. It simply says that the product absorbs the sun light and releases it in the dark. This can be done with phosphorus and newly developed chemical compounds. It needs to be very dark to get a good effect. If it is not dark enough, the product won’t light up. The glow time depends on the workable substance in the material and the amount of light stored in the product. Shimicoat Glow in Dark Powders may emit lights up to 10 hours, when fully charged.

Shimicoat Research and Development (R&D) Department have created a number of chemical substances that behave like a phosphor with three characteristics:

  • The type of energy they require to be energized
  • The colour of the visible light that they produce
  • The length of time that they glow after being energized

Once they stop glowing, they can be re-charged again for 10 years or more. The powders are made of various rare-earth doped compounds, such as strontium aluminate, calcium aluminate, and zinc sulfide, they are all high-quality, non-toxic and non-radioactive.

How Much Glow in Dark Powder and Resin Do I need?
We suggest mixing Glow in Dark Powder at a ratio of 1:4. One part Glow in Dark Powder to four parts resin by weight. Glow in Dark Powder can be mixed into Part A and then Part B added to the blend. Be sure to stir the mix of both parts (A&B) and the Glow in Dark Powder thoroughly to ensure the best consistency and uniform results.

Does Glow in Dark Powders settle in resin?
Glow in Dark Powder naturally settle to the bottom of resin. This typically isn’t a problem for anyone using the resin to coat table top, bar top, engraved sign, floor surfaces, handles and stairs, etc. The Glow in Dark Powder will settle nicely into the grooves, floor surfaces and leave a layer of resin over to lock and secure the Glow in Dark Powder within epoxy body while allowing some thickness to sand, or buff off and finish off nicely.

Glow in Dark Powder contains a spectrum of powders, sized from a few micros to a few hundred microns. Glow in Dark Powder with particle size of under 15 microns will mix in and remains as suspension in resin giving the end product an even consistency. Larger particle sizes can settle more and absorb/store more light and therefore glow longer.

For further advice refer to SHIMICOAT bulletin or website or contact SHIMICOAT sales and technical department.

Glow In The Dark

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