Densilicate Concrete Densifier Penetrating Sealer

Densilicate is a concrete densifier, binder or concrete impregnator liquid, used by professionals during the concrete polishing process to increase the surface integrity.

SHIMICOAT Densilicate contains alkaline silicate based concrete densifier and a blend of specialty surfactants to assist surface penetration and deep hardening of the surface. The product is a chemical hardener which is applied to concrete floors and substrates to reduce surface porosity, increase hardness and provides dust-proofing properties. Densilicate is designed to help decrease cleaning and help make the surface less penetrable to undesirable fluid and stains. It produces a hard dust-free finish surface.

SHIMICOAT Densilicate is ideal for concreate surfaces especially those soft, damaged, powdered or friable cement and masonry surfaces. The product is engineered for warehouses, commercial & industrial and Basement Floors.

SHIMICOAT Densilicate applied to the surface to:

  • Harden the surface & Dustproof
  • Fill in the pores at the surface
  • Increase surface density
  • Improve the wear resistance
  • Penetrating Alkaline silicate Solution
  • React with free Calcium and Lime
  • Convert brittle lime into Super-hard Calcium Silicate
    Lime (Calcium Oxide) + Silicate Densifier Calcium Silicate + Alkaline Hydroxide
  • Fills voids, creating strength and durability
  • Protect against sunlight, oil, traffic and dirt
  • Provides a hardened densified concrete surface
  • Moisture barrier enhancer
  • Improve water-resistant, minimize water erosion
  • Enhance chemical resistant
  • Minimize efflorescence formation
  • Increase lifespan of concrete surface
  • Ideal to densify concrete surface for Diamond Polishing
  • Will not flake, peel or scratch off
  • Odorless and pleasant to work with

SHIMICOAT Densilicate is a high-performance Concrete Densifier Surface Impregnator can be used to effectively be used as part of concrete polishing process. Please read SHIMICOAT Concrete Polishing procedure for further details.

SHIMICOAT Densilicate can be used on new and old concrete surfaces and granolithic pavers where a hard surface with light to moderate abrasion resistance is required. Ideal for floor surfaces such as garage, workshops, warehouses, industrial plants, stores, shopping malls, parking structures, service stations in both residential and commercial capacities.

Suitable for both interior or exterior applications. On concrete slabs where no specific curing efficiency or standards are required. Most economical solution for dustproofing concrete floors, especially for large floors.









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