Silica Sand Epoxy Coving Epoxy Mortar

SHIMICOAT offers crystalline forms of silica sand which is dry, hard, chemically inert and ideal for many epoxy coating applications.

Silica Sand is used for a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane applications to make epoxy mortar for coving, patch and repair as well as back fill and gap fill.

Silica Sand is recommended to be used as a grit (600Micron equivalent to R11) on epoxy flooring to provide a slip resistant surface of R11. The consistency of epoxy mortar with sand is ideal for trowel on floor applications.

Most restaurants/cafes are R10 or R11 Non-Slip Floor Compliance. Silica sand SlipRes floor offers equivalent to R11 SlipRes floor which is commonly used in industry.

Slip Resistant Floor Finishing System Prior To Coat

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