Groutex Grouting Latex Concrete Polishing

Groutex is a concrete grouting latex compound and bonding additive specifically formulated for use in re-grouting / filling of pores in concrete surfaces. Groutex Grouting Latex adhere permanently to form an inherent part of the concrete polishing process. It contains latest technology Polymeric Latex Compound and a blend of specialty surfactants to assist deep and effective penetration through concrete surface for ideal surface grouting.

Once surface grinding of concrete is completed, Groutex is used to seal and fill micropores to prepare the surface for polishing. The product is highly effective in patching and filling small air pockets / pin holes when polishing concrete floors.

Groutex Grouting Latex is cost efficient, environmentally preferred (water-based) latex polymer for use as part of surface preparations for polishing. The product can be used as supplied, ready to use (RTU). No dilution or premix make down is required.

Groutex Grouting Latex is a modified, latex polymer engineered for use as a high-strength binder in surface coating and concrete polishing. It is for use in high-quality and high performance as a pre-coating or basecoat latex; and in size press applications.
The product offers excellent pick strength combined with excellent runnability on high-speed blade coaters. It is especially recommended for increasing the total coating solids. Because of its excellent film forming characteristics, it gives a tight coating with exceptional pores filling capability and delta gloss.

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