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Aqua Seal Acrylic Water Based Concrete Sealer TINTED

Aqua Seal Acrylic Water Based Concrete Sealer TINTED


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Aqua Seal Acrylic Water Based Concrete Sealer TINTED

SHIMICOAT Aqua Seal Concrete Sealer is a blend of acrylic based self-cross-linking polymeric dispersions containing coalescing agents and surfactants to be used as interior or exterior sealer for concrete and cementitious surfaces.  The product is a single pack and easy to apply.  It is engineered to penetrate through concrete surfaces and adhere to produce a neutral clear low sheen coating, which is hard-wearing and durable.  Aqua Seal Concrete Sealer is a clear penetrating Sealer, solvent-free and fast drying sealer to provide a natural look appearance of original surface.  Ideal for most surfaces

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Limestone
  • Grey Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Tiles
  • All Pavers
  • Timber Surfaces
  • Polished Concrete


Cut and Seal

Contact us to find out more about the Aqua Seal Acrylic Water Based Concrete Sealer or any of our other Epoxy Floor Sealer products.

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5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltr


Bright Blue B23, White N14, Neutral Grey N23, Black N61, Dark Grey N64, Terracotta R52, Dark Brown X65, Cream Y34

  • Easy Application:
    • Rolled
    • Brushed
    • Sprayed
  • Non-Hazardous / Non-Dangerous Goods technology
  • Fast Drying
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Easily Recoated
  • Non-Yellowing and resistant to discoloration
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor
  • Ready-to-use formulation without any need for dilution
  • Contains advanced polymer technology to penetrate deep into surface
  • Protect against Aqua Seal contaminates
  • Protect against salt ion ingress
  • Protect against efflorescence, biological growth
  • Excellent resistance to oil and most household chemicals
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Excellent resistance to alkalis and high pH conditions
  • Produces a hard, yet flexible clear film
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Long lasting and Durable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Clear & Colourless
  • Provides excellent adhesion, weather and water proofing protection
  • Forms a hard-wearing surface
  • Last up to 5 years, depending on the traffic
Colour Chart

Aqua Seal Tinted is available in many colours and pre-tinted for ease of application.  Standard Colours:

  • White N14
  • Black N61
  • Neutral Grey N23
  • Dark Grey N64
  • Cream Y34
  • Charcoal B64
  • Terracotta R52
  • Bright Blue B23
  • Dark Brown X65

SHIMICOAT offers all Australian Standard AS2700 Colours, consisting of 206 colours. Please contact SHIMICOAT office for your custom design tint. Extra charges may apply.


5-10sqm/Lt Per Coat
Recommended Two Coats

5Lt Drum Covers 25-50sqm Per Coat (Need Two Coats)
10Lt Drum Covers 50-100sqm Per Coat (Need Two Coats)
20Lt Drum Covers 100-200sqm Per Coat (Need Two Coats)


Roller, Brush or Spray

Curing Time Curing Time at 25°C

Touch Dry: 6 Hours (Depending on temperature, air flow and humidity)
Recoat: Over Night (Min 16 Hours at 25°C)
Foot Traffic: 16 Hours
Heavy Traffic: 72 Hours

Clean Up

Clean-Up with Water
Wash, rinse and flush with water. General purpose detergent can be used.


Clean and dry surface. Ensure surface to be coated is free of all dirt, grease, oil, paint, curing agents and other contaminants. Removal of Oil Contamination by degreaser and alkaline cleaning pressure wash
Acid-wash to enhanced surface porosity and etch the surface. Ensure moisture free surface. Allow to completely dry, run Dry Test. Place a piece of plastic over a small area, tape the edges and leave for 1 hour. Remove plastic, if there is no moisture on either surface, concrete is sufficiently dry. Ideally, always consider surface grinding and removal of loose materials. Grinding is always advisable prior to application of all Shimicoat Epoxy products, to maximize adhesion. For further information, please refer to SHIMICOAT Instruction for “Surface Preparations”.


Physical Properties:


Single Pack Cloudy/Opaque Medium Viscosity Resin

Solid Content (%)

50 ± 1.0 Acrylate


Nil – Environmentally Benign Product

Thinning, Dilution Chemicals

Water Soluble

Recommended Film Build

40-80 Microns per coat (Dry)

Application Conditions (Temp °C)

10 – 30 °C

Coverage Rate

5 sqm/L/Coat – (20Lt/100sqm/Coat), Min 2 coats




SHIMICOAT Aqua Seal Concrete Sealer is normally applied as two coats on new or old concrete. Care must be taken not to apply thick coats as excessive build may cause the film to blush when subjected to ponding.

  • SHIMICOAT Aqua Seal Concrete Sealercan be applied by a suitable microfiber roller or sprayer. To apply sealer, pour sealer into a roller tray, and evenly roll onto surface.
  • Ensure sealer is not applied too thick and no pooling occurs. Roll slowly to ensure uniformity.
  • First coat of SHIMICOAT Aqua Seal Concrete Sealer can be diluted with 10% water and Let to dry completely (minimum of 24hours).
  • Second coat shall be applied neat, when the first coat is completely dry (minimum 24 hours), this will ensure sufficient film build-up to provide maximum performance and durability.
  • To obtain a non-slip floor and lowered slip factor, it is recommended to use the appropriate Slip Reducing Additive with the sealer for better grip under adverse conditions such as wet areas, food processing plants, steep slopes and pool surrounding areas. For further details please contact Shimicoat Sales and Technical Representative or refer to Shimicoat bulletin and website.

SHIMICOAT Aqua Seal Concrete Sealer shall be used at ~5 sqm per liter, per coat (5sqm/Lt/Coat).  A typical 20Lt container is enough for two coat applications of 50 sqm floor.  There may be some variations due to the porosity of the concrete floor.  Upon completion of the coating, it takes almost one (1.0) hour for the surface to be tack-free and touch-dry.  It takes over 4 hours to cure and ok to walk on it.  Please allow 48 hours to be fully cured and ok to drive over it.


  • Please consult MSDS of the product prior to use.
  • Do Not Apply if rain is expected within 24 hours, when applying outdoor.


The products shall be stored out of direct sunlight and heat at all times.  The shelf life of the product is 24 months, mix uniformly for 3 minutes prior to use.


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