Ocean Cast Clear Epoxy Resin

Ocean Cast River Table Epoxy DC140 is an industrial grade epoxy coating material for high performance coating. The product has various applications due to its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and adhesion properties to most substrates. It can be applied over well-prepared metal, concrete, laminate, wood/timber, stone, granite and even glass surfaces with superior adhesion.

Two components (A & B) comes in clear 100% solid epoxy used as clear topcoat with chemical resistance and durability, ideal for variety of pour-on applications and coating systems.

Ocean Cast River Table Epoxy DC140 is a high-quality solvent-less, odorless two component coating system providing a tough, crystal clear high build, high gloss and wet look epoxy to achieve a piece of art and protect surface from stains, spills and wear.

Ocean Cast River Table Epoxy DC140 has been developed specifically for Australian conditions using the latest epoxy technology. It provides excellent protection against weathering conditions and the splash and spillage of a wide range of chemicals.

Ocean Cast River Table Epoxy DC140 provides a highly durable, chalk resistant, wear and chemical resistance surface for over variety of substrates. As well as Ocean Cast River Table PourOn applications, the surface may be laid as a thin film using roller or brush. The thickness of the coating can be reduced by addition of Diluent (EoThin or EpoCool). Many decorative materials may be used with this product. Guaranteed modern, hygienic, functional and economical surface.

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