Top Coat


SHIMI Topcoat – Topcoat Epoxy “Durable Protection”

SHIMI Topcoat is the optimal flooring solution for industries that require tough, durable concrete protection against damage from a range of harsh materials and chemicals. The product is highly transparent to shine and reflect the beauty of your decorative materials.

The healthcare, science, technology and electronics industries, as well as chemical and waste treatment plants, pulp and paper, textile mills, metal finishing and power generation facilities are examples of locations requiring an extra level of performance for their floor surfaces.

Our Shimicoat Epoxy Coating materials are designed to penetrate through the surface and seal concrete, curing to form a tough, impermeable, durable and functional surface. It is one of the few products on the market made with 100% epoxy resin. Shimicoat Epoxy offers a state of the art solution for some of the most challenging environments, unconventional and complicated surfaces. We offer many flooring solutions for your specific surface requirements.


• Permanently water resistant when cured
• Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
• Extremely high sheer and tensile strength
• Contains no VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) or solvent



SHIMI Primer

SHIMI Primer is a multipurpose, solvent-less flooring system specifically engineered to highest standards of colour retention, chalk and abrasion resistance with moisture vapour mitigation properties.

The product can be applied on concrete, timber, and steel coating of factories, warehouses, workshops in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
SHIMI Primer can be incorporated with inclusion of non-slip materials, flake and chip decorative products and aggregate to achieve your desired finish profile.

• Permanently water resistant when cured
• Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
• Extremely high sheer and tensile strength
• Contains no VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) or solvent
• Excellent UV stability and chemical resistance properties
• Engineered for high mechanical strength
• Versatility in ease of application
• Cures even when applied under cold adverse conditions
• Easily transformable into a non slip finish, Coloured and decorative and MVT Primer (Moisture Vapour Transmission) flooring systems

Chemical Resistant


SHIMI Chemical Resistant – Ultimate Floor Protection

(Acid/Alkali, Solvent and Harsh Chemical Resistant):

SHIMI Chemicals provide many advantages as a floor basecoat, topcoat and secondary containment lining, furnishing superior chemical resistance, high acid and alkali resistance, overall durability, resistance to impact, wear, chips and cracks, while maintaining low permeability and low surface porosity.

ShimiPoxy Chemical is multi-functional in its ability to protect concrete from exposure to corrosive chemical substances and a range of extreme pH materials that would damage other types of floor toppings/linings. Use ShimiPoxy Chemical to your advantage and save your concrete.

• Broad spectrum of Chemical Resistance
• Non Flammable
• None Volatiles
• Environmentally benign
• Versatile and ease to apply
• Low maintenance



Shimicoat Floors – Slip Resistant in a wide range of grips

SHIMICOAT offers a comprehensive range of flooring and anti-slip coatings. The industrial, abrasion resistant, high impact flooring solutions are highly suitable for the Mining, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries. The products can be trowelled for ease of gradient and fall levelling (screeding) and anti-slip top coatings also available to facilitate a safer non-slip walking surface. SHIMICOAT also provides its very own food grade range of flooring solutions which are highly regarded and suitable for use within clean industries including hospitals, nursing homes & food manufacturing plants. All products come in a variety of colours through the addition of colour packs and pigments.
The new revolution in Non-Slip Flooring – SAFETY Flooring System:A2
We are dedicated to making your floor SAFE and CLEAN for your Staff and Guests to work and walk on through comprehensive non slip coating solutions.
Australian Standards for Slip-Resistance are in place for a reason, hence our products are OH&S compliant and cost effective.
We Supply or supply and install most Non Slip Epoxy, Polyurethane, MMA & Polyaspartic products.

• Slippery When Wet?
• Unsafe To Walk On?
• In Need Of Maintenance?

Then Let SHIMICOAT tailor a solution for you.
We can make your existing tiled surface Non Slip for a fraction of the cost of a new Floor

None Slip Floor Treatment:
DIY – You can complete your own Non Slip project yourself. Many Reasons why SHIMICOAT provides the best products and services:

1. Very easy to install
2. Limited downtime
3. Chemical resistance
4. Low-Nil VOC
5. Longevity – Over 5 years
6. Available in single or dual component systems
7. Available in number of resin types (talk to our experts)
8. Economical

Non-Slip’s Philosophy
Non-Slip’s philosophy for customer service is “Customer Comes First”.

Why is Slip Resistant Flooring important for Homes
Although many homeowners prefer installing finely polished shiny tile floors, hardwood floors or gorgeous looking granite, these materials always come with the risk of causing potentially dangerous slips and trips. We all know that smooth floors are easier to slip on, particularly when water is spilled. The condition can worsen, particularly when children and seniors are involved. This emphasizes the need to consider a slip resistant floor that can replace hazardous flooring and increase traction, especially for certain areas exposed to rain or high traffic such as entries, balconies, steps, etc.

Most homes feature hard flooring that includes vinyl, linoleum, ceramic smooth tile, smooth stone, concrete and others in some part of the home interior like the bathroom, laundry, kitchen and even garage. These areas are more prone to slips and trips as the chances of water spillage are higher.

What to do:
When it comes to young children and an aging population, it is especially important to create an accident-free home. One of the first areas that can be addressed is by eliminating any types of slip inducing flooring and replacing them with a safer option.

One option to consider is SHIMICOAT range of decorative polyaspartic and epoxy coatings. SHIMICOAT provides a unique and decorative alternative to tile and other flooring. With added slip resistant granule these “Rolled” floor coatings can be applied over old and new concrete and other substrates, providing the home owner with a choice of beautiful colours and a finish that is both slip-resistant, durable, modern, hygiene and functional.

• SHIMICOAT floor coating materials can be applied on concrete and other hard surfaces enhancing the look and feel of the floor.
• Slip-resistant granules can be added to eliminate the risk of slip in any wet area.
• SHIMICOAT floor coating solutions work effectively in all conditions such as greasy, wet or dry floors with the addition of slip-resistant granules
• Our products are easy and fast to apply – even in a day (depending on the size of the area). There is no need to wait long for the floor to dry, one day application, one day curing. Rapid fast “Return to Normal”.
• Anti-slip treatment can be effective for five years and over, reapplication is easy and economical.

The slip resistance test classification and the mean angle of inclination:

See Table 1

SHIMICOAT implement Australian Standard for characterisation of surface materials and determination of friction factors under wet and dry conditions.

This Standard is also intended for evaluating surface applications and treatments including products such as sealers, polishes and etchants which may modify the surface characteristics of pedestrian surfaces.

The method for the measurement of wet slip resistance being used for external and internal pedestrian surfaces and those pedestrian surfaces that have a reasonably foreseeable risk of the presence of wet substances such as water, grease and oil.



ShimiPoxy Biocide-Film – Microbial Protection Properties

ShimiPoxy may also be offered with antimicrobial protection, incorporated throughout the depth of the floor as needed.

Dispersion of functional inorganic nano-fillers like titanium and silver composits within polymer matrix is known to impart excellent photobactericidal activity to the composite. Epoxy resin systems with Silver and Titanium ions can offer combination of excellent biocidal characteristics of silver and the photocatalytic properties of titanium. Such Silver and Titanium nano-filler materials can also improve the glass transition temperature (TG) over the neat polymer.

Biocide-Film property of the surface is maintained by slow release of biocide over the coated area, offering ultimate microbial protection.



Hygiene and Maintenance Free Flooring


Backed with rich experience and knowledge, SHIMICOAT is considered to be one of the most professional manufacturer and service-provider of Epoxy Flooring for the Healthcare industry. Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinics, operation theatres, bio-chemical laboratories and such other areas, where anti-bactrial environment is a must, our offered Epoxy Flooring is highly preferred as it is dust free, durable and are easy to clean. Our floors retain gloss for a long-time, does not allow growth of fungi or bacteria, joint-less and seamless and are stain-free.

Epoxy Polymer Flooring is the choice for many hospitals, commercial kitchens, laboratories, cold-rooms and restroom facilities for its hygiene properties. An Epoxy surface is impervious to the ingression of impurities, is seamless and can be coved up wall surfaces so as to remove opportunity for the harbouring of dirt, grime, and bacteria. Keeping an Epoxy Floor clean and hygienic could not be easier.

There are many situations where hygienic, easy-to-clean, durable floor and wall coatings are a necessity not simply a nice-to-have. In healthcare, pharmaceuticals, prisons & custodial, food & beverage production and many other sectors, hygiene is of paramount importance. It is imperative that the floor and wall finishes in specialist facilities support the rigorous operational standards required within these sectors. Selecting floor and wall finishes that simplify cleaning procedures and maintenance requirements can reduce costs and enable funds to be spent on other key priorities. Joints, seals and cracks can collect dirt and harbour microbes even when best efforts are made to thoroughly clean surfaces. It is the nature of the materials that creates the problem.

Choosing seamless, non-porous, durable finishes is the key. Vinyl sheeting and tiles, PVC cladding sheets / panelling (such as whiterock), ceramic tiles and other commonly used floor and wall finishes all create a high number of joints. Furthermore, if the joints fail and dirt or liquid gets behind the sheet, tile or panel it is very difficult to clean without stripping up the materials. An indication that his has happened is often smell, especially in areas such as public toilets where liquids such as urine can seep underneath floor sheets and tiles. An excellent alternative is a resin system.

To choose the right hygienic resin system for you, the following points need to be considered:
• What chemicals will be used in any processing in the area and/or for cleaning/sanitizing? Types and concentrations
• What kinds and amount of impact and/or abrasion will the wall of floor surface experience? frequency, equipment, wheel types of trolleys, susceptibility to deliberate damage or vandalism etc.
• What degree of temperatures will the surface be exposed to? Normal air temperature, refrigeration / climate cooled, exposure to steam, temperature of any spillages etc.

Shimicoat Epoxy Flooring Systems provide chemical containment solutions and corrosion protection to the Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Mining and Food processing industries.

Our protective coatings are specially engineered to withstand highly corrosive or acid environments by providing a high build layer of acid protection and chemical attack.

Shimicoat Epoxy Coatings provide maximum protection to containment walls and barriers whilst the acid resistant coatings offer outstanding solutions to partly and fully submerged environments most commonly found in waste water treatment plants.



SHIMI MVT Coating – “Moisture Vapour Mitigating” Floor Systems

Moisture is a common problem on many floors especially pertaining to slab-on-grade flooring. Moisture vapour transmission, or MVT, is becoming an increasingly expensive challenge for commercial and industrial building designers, contractors and owners.

What is MVT?

Site conditions can contribute to a concrete slab demonstrating undesirably high moisture vapour transmission levels. When this occurs, moisture vapour finds tiny pathways upward through the slab via capillary action, finally condensing into a high-pH liquid. Build-up of this alkaline liquid on the concrete floor surface can destroy the ability of industrial flooring to bond to the concrete substrate.

In years past, contractors were forced to wait for new concrete to cure fully, prior to installing floor coatings. Various cumbersome tests were done over time, with the hope that the slab moisture would subside. We now know that some concrete slabs can take months before their MVT level is safe enough for typical coating system application. Other concrete floors may never achieve an acceptable level. With today’s tight construction deadlines and even tighter budgets, waiting with fingers crossed is no longer an option.

What Moisture Vapour Mitigating Floor Coatings Do You Need?

One of our highly experienced local representatives can evaluate your facility’s concrete floor for moisture vapour transmission and relative humidity. These test results will determine which of our MVT industrial flooring systems will work best for you and your budget.

Benefits of MVT Flooring Systems:

• Most of our high performance floors can be installed with MVT protection
• Fast curing and low odour moisture vapour mitigating floor system
• Available from highly decorative and practical aesthetics
• Available in slip-resistance Floors
• Available with antimicrobial protection

These featureas and properties make our moisture vapor mitigating floor coatings & systems ideal for virtually any application.

Reliability, Selection and MVT Flooring Value

When installed in accordance with our proven method, these moisture control floors remain well-bonded and perform as promised. The full range of our MVT industrial and commercial flooring, with your choice of utilitarian or highly decorative skid-resistant finishes, is available with full MVT flooring protection. Our moisture vapor mitigating floor coatings work, plain and simple—we’re confident on our products and services quality and we offer guarantee with certification.



ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin – Colored Quartz Flooring Systems

Stone-Resin Concrete Flooring System is probably the best flooring system on the market.
Features and Benefits of Stone-Resin Concrete Flooring System:
• Modern stone-chip finish
• Functional
• Beautiful stone-chip finish
• Available in a wide range of blends
• Easy to maintain
• Easy to repair
• Economical

Shimi Poxy Stone-Resin Flooring Systems are attractive, durable, environmentally sustainable flooring system that achieves the aesthetics of terrazzo while being extremely cost-effective. The high-performance epoxy polymer resin combined with colour stone/quartz granules results in a seamless flooring system that is slip-resistant, sanitary and extremely hard-wearing. Shimi Poxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) is available in a variety of colours, thickness, textures and finishes that will complement and enhance domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional spaces and interiors. No waxing or buffing is required to maintain the appearance or performance of this innovative/excellent product over time.

ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Systems are Quartz flooring solutions that provide decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant and exceptionally durable concrete floor toppings. This high-performance epoxy polymer resin, when combined with blended color Quartz granules, results in a multi-functional floor with style, strength and superior lifecycle value.

Attractive, Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring
An excellent value-based alternative to terrazzo, ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) is available in a variety of thicknesses, textures and finishes. A broad spectrum of stock or custom colors and blends complement any décor and design. Sanitary and seamless, with optional integral cove base, ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) requires no special waxes or buffing to maintain its outstanding performance and aesthetics over time.

Industry Applications for ShimiPoxy Quartz Flooring

ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Systems are a cost-effective flooring solution for a variety of spaces. They are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications such as:

• Locker Rooms & Restrooms
• Schools & Classrooms
• Cafeterias & Food Preparation
• Retail & Showrooms
• Light Manufacturing
• Assembly & Packaging Plants
• Lobbies & Offices
• Correctional Facilities
• Municipal & Public Safety Buildings
• Recreational Venues& Stadiums
• Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories
• Easy to clean, slip resistant, and attractive

ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring Systems are perfect for many facilities. This high-performing quartz flooring system offers long durability, making it ideal for areas with heavy traffic. Our decorative quartz flooring systems come in high gloss formulations, as well a satin finish, called “Silk Matte”.

Why Choose ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) Flooring Systems?

We offer several color choices of ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) flooring, perfect for matching the facility’s aesthetic requirements. This decorative solution provides the look of a variety of aggregate colors that can be blended to match any décor, and the resulting floor is chemical resistant and highly durable. In addition, it is slip resistant, making it a safe option for flooring in high traffic areas. Some other advantages of ShimiPoxy Stone-Resin (Quartz) floorings are that they are longer lasting than vinyl, and it is impact resistant, a flooring choice for facilities that are subject to heavy traffic.



ShimiPoxy Decorative – Color, Flake and Chip Flooring System

SHIMICOAT Epoxy Flooring systems are highly decorative surface material containing a creative blend of pigmented and glitter flakes, which are scattered and sealed over a coloured epoxy resin base coat. The systems deliver a hard-wearing, high-gloss finish and offers excellent UV resistance. The floor is modern, hygiene, economical and fully functional. ShimiPoxy Decorative Flake Epoxy System allows for the addition of colorant and/or decorative elements for an aesthetically pleasing, yet extraordinarily durable, highly-protective floor surfaces.

A range of standard and custom solid colors, as well as colored flake and chip or quartz aggregate blends are available. Systems may be installed as thick as 1/4” or more by incorporating broadcast silica sand or special graded aggregate blends.

ShimiPoxy MVT (Moisture Vapour Transmission) coat Epoxy offers moisture vapor mitigation system can also be used to restrict damage from moisture vapor transmission under certain conditions.

ShimiPoxy Colour offers a variety of colourful options and is easy to maintain.

SHIMICOAT uses eco-friendly blend of resins to formulate Epoxy Flooring Systems for many applications.

Designer Flake/Chip Flooring

SHIMIFLAKES are polymeric Flakes, incorporated in seamless epoxy and polyurethane floor systems are a great alternative to other types of floor / wall coverings. The decorative flakes are colourful, tough, low maintenance, seamless,durable and hygienic coating systems for floors, walls and other surfaces for commercial, institutional and domestic areas.

SHIMIFLAKE flooring is extremely durable andhas a long lasting floor surface. The polymers used give abrasion and impact resistance andwhen used with a high performance urethaneas topcoats form an extremely durable and long lasting floor surface.

We supply color CHIPS for use as a design element in durable, seamless flooring systems. Our Flakes and Chips (also known as flecks) are the highest performing brand available, and are used to enhance all types of residential, commercial, and industrial environments, from garages, utility rooms, and basements to high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces.

Advantages of our Chips and Flakes:
• Seamless Surface
• Graffiti Resistant
• Water Resistant
• Great for High Traffic Areas
• Will not harbour Bacteria
• Modern and Stylish
• Economical
• Decorative
• Unlimited Colors and Blends
• Striped Patterns Available
• Multiple Sizes
• Customizable
• Flat Surface / Thin Profile
• Fire Resistant
• Resistant To UV Degradation
• Absorbent



Metallic Pearl Effect Epoxy Flooring

Pure Metallic floor coating is a 100% solids, 2 component epoxy. It is a special formulated epoxy with a pearlescent metallic pigment. It is roller or squeegee applied to your floor. This coating requires a primer coat, metallic 100% solids epoxy basecoat with effects kit, and a UV resistant urethane or 100% solids epoxy clearcoat as topcoat.

The finished look is a smooth, glass like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

ShimiMetallic are an exciting new seamless flooring system that provides a unique three-dimensional appearance with suspended reflective pigments. There are many available reflective pigments that can combine with literally 100’s of Australian Standard colors to create your desired floor design.

Some of our customers say Pure Metallic floors resemble moon craters, a lava lamp, lighting strikes, marble countertops, shimmery glitter paint and they appear three dimensional.
Choose from our range of Pure Metallic effects colors. You can create numerous types of color combinations as listed below:

Metallic Pearl Pigment are availalbe in the following effects almost in all colours:

Sliver White:

Better weather resistance – Luster with silver metal-line effect whiter and brighter)
Gold, orange, red, violet, blue and green)
Golden Luster:
Sparkle and brilliant golden luster, high temperature suitable, chemical stability, weather resistance and non-conductive.
Glittering luster, Brighter and Purer chromatic effect
Metallic Luster:
Bronze, brown, red, purple red and red green – dazzlingly beautiful with Metallic luster, High physical and chemical stability.
Weather resistance and won’t get gray and yellowish under high temperature. Better whiteness and luster, better chroma and color clearness, less back spot and easy application.
Diamond Effect:
3D diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. Elegance and noble color.
3D Magnetic:
Synthetic Fluorophlogopite, vivid 3D effect
Weather Resistance:
Environmentally benign and highly transparent pigments, excellent durability, humidity resistance and suitable for harsh weathering conditions.

We recommend limiting the maximum number or Pure Metallic effects colors to three. We’ve tested that any more than three colors become too busy and muddy. Ideally we recommend only using one or two colors but if you would prefer a third blend, it may seem good with certain colours.

Two-Tone Effect

A two-tone metallic effect which is the basecoat color plus a single Pure Metallic effect color on top.

Same Color Effect

A same color effect can be achieved by using the same color Pure Metallic basecoat and Pure Metallic effect.

Two Color Effect

Two color effects are achieved by using a Pure Metallic basecoat with two different Pure Metallic effects colors on top.

The exceptionally durable epoxy combined with a polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat make this flooring system ideally suited for nearly any commercial or residential setting. Outstanding customization properties make ShimiMetallic especially appealing for bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, or anywhere that a one of a kind, an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Metallic floor coatings are a very exotic-looking flooring option that simply can’t be duplicated by even the most intricate of stone or marble designs. Unlike with solid-color pigment or chips, no two metallic floors are alike; their appearances are completely dependent upon the artisan’s abilities and design ideas. These floors utilize a clear 100% solids epoxy, and the translucent floors are colored by ShimiMetallic Pearl Effects. These coatings create a glossy and deep-looking floor that can contain a variety of colors and visual effects. Some even have a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma.
Maintenance is easy, and the amount of light they reflect is outstanding due to the glossy nature of the surface. Like any other epoxy coating, they can be a little slippery when wet.
The finished look is a smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective sparkle. There are endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

Application Instruction – Metallic 3D Flooring System:

One of the more interesting things about ShimiMetallics is its ability to be applied without a large degree of professional training. The floor designs that show through with Epoxy Metallic lend themselves to more random application patterns than typical decorative concrete flooring systems. The flooring system can be installed by both skilled artisans and DIY homeowners alike with relative ease. Shimicoat installer can assist you with your DIY project to ensure the successful completion of your floor.

Below are our application instructions below to make your own three-dimensional decorative epoxy floor coating. With a few easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can apply our Epoxy Metallic Flooring System:
1. The surface need to be completely cured, clean and free of all contaminants, and fully profiled and etched. Moisture should also be limited as all ShimiCoat systems utilize non-vapor-permeable sealers.
2. Make sure that temperatures will remain between 10C and 35C and a relative humidity below 75% and there will be no precipitation in the applied areas for a 12 hour period following application.
3. A black or very dark primer coat should be applied using Pigmented Shimicoat Epoxy.
4. Once primer coat has dried and cured (approximately 8-10 hours), the application of the metallic coat is ready.
5. Screen primer coat with 100 grit sanding screen, then vacuum up debris and wipe with a micro-fiber wipe with denatured alcohol.
6. Shimicoat Epoxy Metallic is applied using the product ShimiMetallic Epoxy System.
7. Add 100 grams of Metallic Pearlescent Pigments per 5Kg kit of Shimicoat Clear Epoxy product.
8. Pour out contents completely in a fairly long trail for application.
9. Use spiked shoes when spreading product evenly over application area. Use your spreading tools to create your designs. Ensure even spread-out over the entire floor.
10. Once metallic coat has dried and cured sufficiently, a finish coat may be applied. We suggest the use of a Polyurethane or Polyaspartic.
11. 16-30 hours after second coat is applied, the surface is ready for light use, and is fully cured after 5-14 days depending on weather conditions.

Pearl Pigments, Mica Pigments, Glitter Powders, Effect Pigments

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Solid Colour


Solid/Single Colour Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Floors are a seamless decorative available in a wide variety of colours and striking finishes, which can be customised to suit your décor. An Epoxy Floor is easy to clean, easy to maintain, durable, hypoallergenic, seam-free, cost effective, versatile and is a fresh alternative to carpet or tiles.

Shimicoat offers solid colour epoxy system that is a single colour applied to the surface. Our Solid/Single colour epoxy flooring system is a three coat system (Primer, Top and Clear coat) and slip resistant finish can be added in a range of grip.

Shimicoat can offer Polyurethane based clear top coat for extra durability and enhanced UV resistance properties.

Solid/Single colour epoxy dries to a high gloss shine and is available in a variety of colours, textures and applications such as solid colours and decorative additives that can beautify a variety of environments. Please see our colour chart below.

Epoxy Flooring Procedure

• The floor is assessed to determine density, moisture and integrity.
• Any existing coatings are removed by dustless grinding.
• Finer grit diamond is then used to remove visible scratches.
• If moisture is detected above 5% by using a moisture meter, a moisture barrier is applied using an airless sprayer.
• If the surface is weak and porous after the grinding process, a liquid densifier is applied.
• All holes, cracks and chips are filled with a fine filler product.
• Skirting boards are masked up with painters low stick tape.
• A primer is applied using a low nap roller. This coat seals off the concrete and allows the base coat to stay wet without penetrating into the surface.
• A base coat of 100% tinted solid epoxy is applied. This is squeegeed, rolled and then back-rolled to ensure distribution of product.
• If required, the flake is broadcasted over the wet epoxy and then dry back-rolled.
• The floor is then scraped, mechanically sanded and vacuumed to remove any excess flake.
• The topcoat of UV stable clear epoxy or UV stable clear Polyurethane is then applied to enhance the surface and protect the flake.

Give your old concrete surfaces a brand new look with Shimicoat flooring solutions.
Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to make sure that your warehouse, residential garage or shop floor looks it’s very best.
Epoxy coatings provide an impressive finish that will last for many years and can be applied to existing concrete floors, as well as to new surfaces.

Impressive Epoxy Effect
Epoxy floor coatings protect concrete floors, providing a polymeric plastic-like strong, durable and glossy finish.

Our range of flooring systems comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit your needs. You can go with a simple, solid-colour floor – which you can choose from the standard colour chart or you can get that perfect high gloss “showroom look”, complete with colour flakes and a clear coat.

The materials used in epoxy floor coatings are stronger than concrete and can only takes a day to install (depending on the size of the area to be coated).

The coating is UV resistant against rain and sunlight and is designed to shine year after year.

One of the major benefits of having epoxy floors is ease of cleaning and does not attract dust. It can be used anywhere and provides a perfect finish.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Floor Coatings
• Modern and beautiful on any surface
• Increase the value of your home, shop, warehouse, etc.
• Protect, save and extend the life of your concrete
• Easy to clean and bacterial resistant
• Protect against oil and chemicals
• Less dirt and dust debris tracked into your home or business
• Provides a waterproof barrier
• Mould resistant flooring
• Reduces radon gas emissions
• A unique and durable application
• Many options for customization
• Light reflectivity

Our epoxy floor coatings help add value to your home or commercial property by ensuring better looking, durable floors that come in a range of finishes to suit your decor and needs.
Shimicoat is committed to providing you with a personalised system and specification solutions, depending on your needs.

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Shimicoat expert and experienced professionals will proficiently test and prepare your floor using state-of-the-art methods followed by the installation of our coatings.

Polished & Honed


Internal Polished Concrete

Internal polished concrete is at the height of maintenance free and durability when it comes to internal flooring, not to mention seamless style and the added beauty of complete unique design with no two floors ever being the same.

At Shimicoat, we DO NOT simply grind your concrete and coat it with a resin epoxy, we offer a ‘True Polish’ to provide you with a full floor finish.

We first grind down your concrete to desired stone exposure, then after adding a densifying agent to create a non-porous hardened and stain resistant surface, we then buff and polish the floor with progressively finer diamond tooling until it gives off your desired finish. We then add our final penetrating sealing coat which protects your floor.

We can work to many different sheen levels, from an architectural satin styled sheen to a full gloss finish. Your choice of internal polished concrete will depend on a number of different factors, from the look of the rest of your interiors, to the nature of the concrete that is being polished. A satin sheen polished floor is perfect for garages, retail shop floors, warehouses and those interested in getting that earthy or architectural feel to their floor, while the full gloss finish is for those who want their floor to have the mirror effect.

Internal ‘true polished’ floors have huge benefits over other conventional flooring types, including:
• Low maintenance
• Will not give off VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
• Superior durability over other flooring types
• Cost efficiency when compared to the continuous upkeep of surfaces like timber, carpets and tiles
• A seamless design

At Shimicoat, we’re proud to provide the premier concrete polishing service to homes and commercial premises. Our team are concrete professionals with a wealth of knowledge and ideas about how to make the most of polished concrete in any setting. We provide personal service and striking, beautiful results. Just take a look through our gallery for a taste of what we could do with your floors.

For more information about internal polished concrete or to arrange a quote, call us now or request a quote online.

External Honed Concrete
External honed concrete is the most visually stunning of all external surfaces, with polished stones glistening through the concrete; you are left with a flat, foot friendly, smooth, non slip surface. Not to mention, being the most hardwearing and low maintenance product that is available in external flooring surfaces. So you can forget weeds and grass finding its way into your pathways or alfresco! And to clean…simply broom and hose off!

Shimicoat Grinding grinds down the concrete to expose the aggregate within the floor, then polishes the surface to desired smoothness (non-slip or semi internal sheen) to leave your floor as a flat smooth on the foot surface with your chosen aggregate stones shining up at you.

Benefits of a honed outdoor surface include:
• Smooth and feet friendly feel
• Non slip availability
• Superior durability over other flooring types
• Unique designs and colour options
• Mix styles can be customised to include ‘Glowstones’ and ‘3D Crete’
• Exceptionally low maintenance
• High durability and stain resistance

For more information about external honed concrete or to arrange a quote, call us now or request a quote online.

Honing Existing Washed Aggregate
Honing existing washed aggregate is a quick, cost effective way to bring new life to an aged, weathered aggregate surface. From a technical perspective, honing is the grinding stage in between aggressive grinding and fine polishing – using metal bonded diamond tooling to achieve a flat smooth finish
If you have washed or exposed aggregate and would like it to be a smooth surface, Shimicoat Grinding can turn your rough or sharp washed aggregate surface into a smooth and ‘feet friendly’ floor through concrete honing. By grinding down the protruding stones and then honing the surface to your desired smoothness, you’ll get the honed concrete finish you want without re-pouring or resurfacing.

Benefits of honing your washed aggregate include:
• Smooth and feet friendly surface
• Non slip availability
• Easier to clean and maintain
• Rejuvenates your current concrete surface
• Process can remove staining in current concrete
• Turns your dull exposed stones into polished features in your floor

Honed concrete can also refresh the look of your outdoor décor, making concrete or aggregate surfaces safer and more attractive. For example, if you’ve got a garden path or poolside are that has become stained through years of use and exposure to the elements, honing can remove the stains and reveal the fresh bright surface and stones underneath.

At Shimicoat Grinding, we can help with every stage of creating the perfect outdoor polished concrete look. From the original design and concept through to surface preparation and honing, our professional team can take care of it all. We pride ourselves on creating concrete art, and will happily work with your builders, architects or garden designers to develop a cohesive overall look.
For more information about honing your existing washed aggregate or to arrange a quote, call us now or request a quote online.



SHIMICOAT Wall Coating Solution

Clean impervious surfaces can play an important role in any food production process as there are many industry standards that need to be met, for both the safety and health of the staff and the consumer.

SHIMICOAT epoxy coating technology offers all of these features and more along with customised solutions that can increase productivity and safety of workers while reducing maintenance & cleaning costs.

Ideal for surface areas such as:

• Masonry walls to Wet & Dry Processing Areas
• Old rendered walls to Cool Rooms
• Masonry walls where there is cracking, corrosion, or as a cost effective wall upgrade solution
• Masonry walls where coating or repair is preferred to replacement.
• Masonry walls or sides of Staircases, Store Rooms, Walkways & Corridors, Plinths & Platforms
• Cement fibre sheeting or villa-board