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Installers Assist offers a wide range of Installation Instructions and necessary training for a successful flooring. For example:

  1. Acid Wash
  2. Art & Craft POUR-ON Epoxy
  3. Clear Epoxy Countertop
  4. Epoxy Coating Over Existing Bricks
  5. Epoxy Coating Over Existing Tiles
  6. Epoxy Flake Floor Finishing System
  7. Epoxy Mortar Floor-to-Wall Coving
  8. Epoxy Mortar Crack Repair
  9. Epoxy Mortar Screeding
  10. Glitter Epoxy Countertop
  11. Glow in the Dark Epoxy
  12. Line Marking Epoxy
  13. Metallic Epoxy Countertop
  14. Metallic Floor Finishing System
  15. SlipRes Epoxy Floor Xtra Grip
  16. SlipRes Epoxy Floor SAND Broadcast
  17. Sparkling Glitter Epoxy Floor
  18. Swimming Pool Epoxy
  19. Plain Tinted Epoxy Floor

Surface Preparation for Coating Application

SHIMICOAT products are manufactured and sourced under our QA (Quality Assurance) policies with stringent QC (Quality Control) standards.