Extra Grip Slip Resistant

Xtra Grip Slip Resistant is an inorganic oxide complex of Aluminium with extreme pressure impact resistant of up to 1.5Tonne per grain.

Shimicoat SlipRes Xtra Grip is available in many grit sizes to represent Australian Standard Non-Slip Floor Finishing System rating of R9 to R13:

No Grit Size Oil-Wet Inclining Platform Test Wet Pendulum Test
1 Super Fine R9 P2
2 Fine R10 P3
3 Medium R11 P4
4 Coarse R12 P5
5 Super Coarse R13 P6

Most restaurants/cafes are R10 or R11 Non-Slip Floor Compliance.
SHIMICOAT offers a comprehensive range of flooring and Slip Resistant coating materials. SlipRes Xtra Grip is an inorganic Aluminum Oxide complex in granular shape that can be scattered over the floor followed by application of topcoat Epoxy or Sealer materials.

Shimicoat offers a wide range of resin coating materials to be used in conjunction with SlipRes Xtra Grip for your desirable surface that is hygienic, safe, functional, modern and economical.

SlipRes Xtra Grip is an easy to use DIY materials that can be scattered over your prepared floor, followed by coating application of Epoxy, Polyurethane and many types of sealers.

SlipRes Xtra Grip is engineered to introduce limited traction improvement and is not an anti-slip. It should not be expected to impart significant traction to an otherwise slippery substrate. The installer is responsible to obtain Slip Resistant certification from authorized bodies, Shimicoat does not provide and is not responsible in regards to compliance and Slip Resistant ratings.

Traction is greatly influenced by the underlying pavement and is usually affected by slope as well as texture. Shimicoat does not recommend the use of heavy coats on steep or smooth surfaces.

Slip Resistant Floor Finishing System Prior To Coat

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