Catayst Epoxy Hardener

Catalyst Epoxy Hardener speed up the curing process of normal curing hardener down to 2Hours time. Catalyst Epoxy Hardener is an industrial grade epoxy coating material (Part B ? Curing Agent ONLY) for back to service, fast floors. Ideal solution for commercial installations where curing time is an essence and back to normal operation is crucial.

The product has various applications due to its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and adhesion properties to most substrates. Catalyst Epoxy Hardener is a high amine content curing agent to be added to existing hardener to reduce dry times. It can easily be added to your normal Curing Agent (Premium Tinted Epoxy ? Part B), at various ratios to provide you with various curing time.

Catalyst Epoxy Hardener has been developed specifically for Australian conditions using the latest epoxy technology. It provides excellent protection against weathering conditions and the splash and spillage of a wide range of chemicals.

Catalyst Epoxy Hardener provides a highly durable, chalk resistant, wear and chemical resistance surface for concrete floors.

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