AcryDil Acrylic Diluent

AcryDil ‘Acrylic Sealer Diluent’ is a blend of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and stabilizers designed to be used with the SHIMICOAT Acrylic Sealer products.

AcryDil ‘Acrylic Sealer Diluent’ is engineered to produce excellent thinning and dispersion of Acrylic Sealer resins and sealer materials.

The product significantly improves penetration and ease of application during the coating process as well as economically beneficiary by thinner coat application and more coverage.

SHIMICOAT AcryDil ‘Acrylic Sealer Diluent’ can also be used in the clean-up process while applying Acrylic Sealer or Sealer.

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