SHIMI means chemistry in Persian

SHIMICOAT utilizes over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in the field of
chemistry and chemical industry to develop highly advanced epoxy coating products and materials.


SHIMICOAT offers a wide range of Epoxy and Coating materials used in three categories:
1. Industrial and Marine
2. Residential and Commercial
3. Art and Craft

Our continued product development is based on decades of on-site expertise, offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of our valued customers.

SHIMICOAT is committed to offer the latest State-Of-The-Art technology in surface coating industries including decorative coatings, concrete repair and a wide range of chip, quartz and broadcast systems giving years of beautiful surface protection.

In industrial and residential capacities, SHIMICOAT offers functional surface coatings such as Slip Resistant, Flexi Matrix Epoxy, Ultra Durability Plus Epoxy and many other coating systems to suite specific needs of industrial and commercial sectors.

The resins and other pertinent ingredients used in our coatings and pigment systems are sourced through leading manufacturers all over the globe. Our scope of products has been thoroughly proven over the years with on-site applications as well as testimonials from our extensive list of satisfied customers.


Shimicoat is an Australian owned company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in surface coating industries and applications of a wide range of chemicals and materials.

SHIMICOAT Brands provide real alternatives for customers seeking environmentally responsible and non-toxic at most competitive prices and guaranteed performance.

We are engaged in chemical technology research and specific formulation manufacturing to clients’ need and specific requirements.

As people look to a more environmentally benign society, they find SHIMICOAT as a company focused on efficiency, performance, competitive and sustainability.

As your strategic and trusted partner, we are delighted to offer best advice strongly supported by science and technology with dedicated chemist to your small home project, and to achieve best outcome for your operations. Dedicated to customers need, we offer customized products and services to your specific application, which involves our expertise on products and materials.

Shimicoat applies certain expertise to ensure you get bouquet products and services to achieve your optimum goals and objectives within your operations.


At Shimicoat, we firmly believe in the continuous and consistent improvement of our products and services. Our research & development team are fully committed to improving the design and performance of our products through rigorous testing in real-life situations, market demand, industry standards, customer feedbacks & vigorous laboratory tests.

Shimicoat has the ability to design, formulate & manufacture products for many various projects coating requirements. We develop and design Surface Finishing System suitable for our clients’ needs.


SHIMICOAT is committed to offer customers with latest technology in surface coating industries and provide individual epoxy needs of our valued clients.  SHIMICOAT manufacturing facilities and R&D laboratories are located in Perth – Western Australia providing technical support globally.

SHIMICOAT products are manufactured and sourced under our QA (Quality Assurance) policies with stringent QC (Quality Control) standards.



Energetically deliver outstanding products and services


Consistently think, say and do what is right


Treasure all helpful people, ideas and organizations


Enthusiastically create and embrace positive change

SHIMICOAT is an Australian company with over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in the fields of surface coating and chemical industries. We are an innovative private company specialised in the supply and application of high quality, environmentally friendly surface coating materials and related chemicals.

At SHIMICOAT, we are:

  • Passionate

  • Always Improving

  • Client Focused

  • Honest and dependable