AQUAthane Polyurethane Water Based Concrete Sealer CLEAR

AQUAthane is an Ultra Clear water based Semi-Gloss finish Polyurethane, single component sealer, designed to protect and enhance concrete surfaces internally and externally.  SHIMICOAT AQUAthane is an advanced formulation, cross linking emulsion with strong bonding to well-prepared concrete surfaces.  The product can be used over existing solvent based acrylic coatings to freshen up your concrete surface.  AQUAthane is an odorless, Green Star compliant (VOC free) sealer.

A ready-to-use water-based Polyurethane clear topcoat with excellent adhesion for added scratch and mar resistance with excellent moisture barrier properties. The product is engineered for superior toughness, durability, water resistance, and is excellent for applications where hardness and longevity are required. AQUAthane is a environmentally benign, non-flammable, fast drying, low odor alternative to solvent-based lacquers.

The product can be applied to most surfaces such as:

    • Driveways
    • Garage & Warehouse Floors
    • Cafés and restaurants
    • Alfresco & Patio

Cut and Seal

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