Epoxy Flooring for Outdoors

Selecting the right flooring option for exterior areas comes with many challenges. Epoxy offers one of the most modern, hard-wearing and economical options on the market today. Plus, they look amazing too! Exterior epoxy flooring comes in an almost infinite range of colours and with multiple finishes. It’s water and slip-resistant, easy to keep clean and will remain pristine for many years.

The versatility of epoxy means that it works just as well in outdoor areas as it does inside. Easy to install and extremely hard wearing, some of the most popular places where epoxy blends wonderfully with the landscape includes:
• Porches/Steps
• Pool Decks
• Pavements
• Entrances
• Driveways
• Shower Area
• Car ports
• Garages
• Around jacuzzies and hot tubs

Indeed, exterior epoxy flooring is becoming quite the fashion statement, with many top designers incorporating the material into high-end, bespoke landscape creations.

Advantages of Epoxy Exterior Flooring

• Shimicoat products are safe, hygienic, modern and functional. They have a great degree of versatility and are easily customised to suit any design.
• Can be applied over existing concrete – a cost-effective way to transform cracked or stained areas. In addition, there’s no need to spend the time, effort and money to remove the existing surface.
• Robust and hard-wearing and can easily withstand extreme weather conditions
• Non-porous, making it the perfect option for areas where chemicals, dirt, or other contaminants might come into contact – such as swimming pools areas.
• Easy to keep clean
• Non-slip – something that every pool owner demands around this family-friendly area
• Can be applied over a variety of surfaces, such as concrete, granite, tiles and stone.

There are different epoxy coatings available, all designed to fortify and stabilise any outdoor surface. Epoxy is particularly well-suited for swimming pool areas, no matter what the underlying material. It transforms surfaces, such as tiles, into an aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, safe and skid-proof area that will remain pristine for many years.

Outdoor Epoxy Flooring

Shimicoat offers a range of exterior epoxy kits, with options for steps, garages, walkways, pool areas and more. Each is easily customised to your required shade, meaning it can be perfectly colour-matched to any shade. There are also many finishes to choose from, such as metallic, flaked and more. The beauty of using epoxy in the outdoor environment is that it upgrades the appearance of stone, granite, tiles, marble and more. Use it on the floor, walls and even columns.

Another advantage of epoxy flooring materials is how simple and fast they are to apply. At Shimicoat, we’ve made the process even easier – something that even the most hardened tradie will be delighted to hear. Our decades of experience have allowed us to put together an unbeatable range of complete kits and associated consumablessuch as:

Polypropylene Spiked Shoes
Pro HD Metal Industrial Adjustable Frame, 12-18”
Pro PerformanceTM – Woven 230mm 10mm NAP Shed-Resistant
RediLock Diamond Plates
• Floor Squeegee

We’re also unbeatable for chemicals and sealers– in fact, we’re the go-to provider for all things associated with epoxy.

Should you need any advice, our expert advisors are always on hand. Simply call, drop by or send us an email and we’ll be delighted to help. If you’re ready to purchase, then our online shop is a breeze to navigate, plus we offer next-day delivery for all in-stock items.