Garage Floor Epoxy Flooring

The flooring choice for a garage and/or workshop has many demands. From heavy traffic through to constant spillages and – in the case of commercial facilities – complying with multiple regulations, There are many essential must-have features.

Epoxy flooring is the ultimate choice for such areas. Easy to install, non-slip, incredibly hard-wearing, with tough abrasion and chemical resistant properties, this is the perfect surface for private and business garages and workshops. Another advantage of garage floor epoxy flooring is the easy customisation, meaning areas can be zoned, safety lineage can be added and any logos or colour schemes can easily be incorporated.

Epoxy can be applied over many surfaces including garage and workshop floors – typically concrete – and the materials are easy and fast to apply. The product is non-porous, meaning that any oil, grease or fuel that’s spilled will remain in place until it’s easily wiped or mopped away. Shimicoat is an expert in the field of epoxy and has created a range of complete kits and associated consumables specifically designed for these areas, such as:
Epoxy Flake Floor Complete Kit
Epoxy Metallic Floor Complete Kit
Epoxy Quartz Floor Complete Kit
Epoxy Crack Repair Complete Kit

Purchasing from Shimicoat is easy. Our simple-to-navigate website is a breeze to use and our professional team is on-hand to answer any questions you might have. You can also visit our Perth premises. Both online and in-store purchases benefit from next-day delivery.