UVthane Clear UV Resistant Polyurethane

UVthane Clear is one of SHIMICOAT’s innovative products for topcoat applications over Epoxy, Flake, Metallic or direct on concrete or timber surfaces.  The product is a high solid and high build Two Pack Polyurethane specifically engineered to achieve a smooth, hard-wearing surface for Flake flooring, textured concrete, masonry, laminate and timber surfaces. It is an ideal choice for use in areas which require an extremely high build, hard protective coating with reasonable UV resistance properties offering clarity and functionality. It produces a high gloss with excellent weathering properties and abrasion resistance.  While the main purpose of SHIMICOAT UVthane Clear is to be used as clear topcoat, it can also be tinted in all Australian Standard colours for specialized applications.

SHIMICOAT Polyurethane is widely used in marine services where high gloss UV resistant, salt tolerance, hardness and abrasion resistance are required.

Developed by SHIMICOAT R&D department, UVthane Clear is a high-performance resinous surface coating for industrial manufacturing environments, focusing on important properties required for a topcoat protective application. 

As an outstanding protection for your valuable business assets, SHIMICOAT Crystal Clear Polyurethane offers all those properties you may require:

  • Can be applied as thin as you wish without any compromise on performance
  • Abrasive/scratch resistant when compared to MANY other surface coating materials
  • Chemical resistant to harshest chemicals available in household
  • Long lasting as it DOES NOT wear out
  • Modern, Hygienic, Economical and Functional

For mining, oil & gas industry, agricultural machinery, plant and equipment, marine services or any other application where exceptional durability is crucial, this ultra-tough two-pack polyurethane direct gloss topcoat provides superior performance.

The product retains excellent gloss and colour over a long term, keeping your valuable equipment surfaces and floors looking great while enhancing the image of your business.

Direct-on application and ideal for most surfaces:

  • Grey Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Limestone
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Epoxy Flake Floors topcoat
  • Tiles and all Pavers
  • Timber Surfaces
  • Metal Surfaces
  • Laminate
  • Polished Concrete
  • Tools and Appliances
  • Indoor and Outdoor

Creating a smooth impervious surface.

Cut and Seal

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