Epoxy Crack Repair Fast Cure Complete Kit

SHIMICOAT Epoxy Crack Repair FC contains Fast Cure Clear Epoxy Resin and Super Ceramic Filler materials to make paste epoxy mortar with your ideal consistency to perfectly patch and repair the surface. The products are available in three convenient kit sizes of small, medium and large.

Ideal Kit for installers and applicators requiring super-fast and effective surface repair prior to coating applications. Epoxy Crack Repair FC Concrete Repair Kit provides a high MPa finish surface stronger than 50 MPa concrete. SHIMICOAT Epoxy Mortar is recommended where a large volume of surface preparation and concrete repair works is required. Easy to mix, Easy to apply and efficient.

Super Ceramic Filler used in Epoxy Crack Repair FC assists in improving rheology, reduces sag/shrinkage, improves impact resistance and is chemically inert and non-absorbent. Modern, hygienic, functional and economical surface.

Prior to Coat

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