Epoxy Flooring in Hospitals

Medical and healthcare settings require a flooring solution that’s easy to clean, resists microorganisms, is non-slip and can stand up to the rigours of heavy 24/7 use. Few industries are as dependent on long-lasting, sanitary flooring, where hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Therefore, flooring systems in such locations must be designed, formulated and installed to accommodate this highly demanding environment.

Epoxy flooring meets all these criteria, as well as being one of the most economical options available. In addition, Epoxy flooring in hospitals is highly resistant to strong detergents, disinfectants and chemicals, meaning it’s easy to clean up liquid spills and dirt of all kinds.

The unique, non-porous composition of medical grade epoxy flooring mean its attributes remain in place for many years. In contrast to other flooring options that add antimicrobial layers to the surface, epoxy’s benefits don’t wear over time. This allows the floor to retain its integrity for far longer than other materials. It can also be customised in virtually any colour and bespoke designs can be incorporated – as can a wide variety of finishes.

The benefits of Shimicoat healthcare and medical flooring systems include:
• Seamless floor surfaces that support rigorous hygiene protocols
• Easy to clean and resistant to solvents, cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
• Integral cove base and wall system options
• Betadine stain resistant topcoats available
• Puncture resistant formulas
• Slip-resistant and safe
• Withstands heavy footfall or wheeled traffic
• No need for waxing or polishing, making maintenance a breeze
• Antimicrobial properties
• Choose from an enormous colour palette across the entire spectrum. Add bespoke patterns and logos as required.

This makes an epoxy flooring system ideal for multiple healthcare facilities, including hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, nursing homes, operating theatres, dental surgeries, laboratories and more. It’s also highly suitable for all other areas, such as waiting rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, foyers, public spaces, offices, locker rooms, restrooms, ambulance bays and can even be used externally.

Shimicoat has created a range of consumables and complete kits, such as:
Epoxy Flake Floor Complete Kit
Epoxy Metallic Floor Complete Kit
Epoxy Quartz Floor Complete Kit
Slip Resistant Tinted Epoxy Complete Kit
Swimming Pool Epoxy Resin Complete Kit

that tradies can easily apply over a prepared concrete surface. Our range also includes an unbeatable selection of chemicals and sealers that can be purchased in-store or via our website. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions and advise on suitability, plus we provide next-day delivery for your convenience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have had many different brands installed, but Shimicoat Epoxy & Urethanes have held up to all the wear & tear of hi-traffic conditions better than all the rest. We use Shimicoat products with confidence.”