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Benchtop Epoxy Flake CK

Benchtop Epoxy Flake CK


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Benchtop Epoxy Flake is a complete kit containing Epoxy and Coating Materials for multi-layer coating with decorative finish. The kit system contains:
1. Prime Coat Epoxy
2. Base Coat Epoxy
3. Vinyl Flake in your choice of blend/design
4. Crystal Clear UV Resistant Polyurethane “UVthane”
Please refer to SHIMICOAT colour brochures for your decor matching selection.

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Basecoat Colour

Bright Blue B23, White N14, Neutral Grey N23, Black N61, Dark Grey N64, Terracotta R52, Dark Brown X65, Cream Y34


Bianco, Butterscotch, Cabin Fever, Creekbed, Danish, Denim, Domino, Everbank, Gravel, Iceberg, Montana, Nightfall, Outback, Raven, Shoreline, Tidal Wave, White Purple, White Orange, White Teal, Wombat


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