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Modern Vinyl Flakes

Modern Vinyl Flakes


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Modern Vinyl Flakes

SHIMICOAT Flakes also known as “Chips or Flecks” are ideally suitable for Australian climate and are used to enhance all types of residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces, from garages, utility rooms, and basements to high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces.

Flakes composed of vinyl composite, resin materials, inorganic minerals, mica and various pigments. The product is compatible with most flooring systems such as Epoxy, Urethanes, Polyurea, Polyaspartic and Acrylate. The product is integrally pigmented and coloured with random in shapes and sizes to provide a natural and pleasant look in many design and appearances to match your décor.

SHIMICOAT color flakes recommended for use as a design element in durable, seamless flooring systems. Our Flakes are the highest performing brand available, and are used to enhance all types of residential, commercial, and industrial environments, from garages, utility rooms, and basements to high-traffic corridors, restrooms, warehouses, and retail spaces.

SHIMICOAT offers flakes in three design pattern and styles:
1. Standard solid colour Flakes
2. Stylish Striped colour Flakes
3. Modern Blend Flakes
4. Custom Flake Colours
If you like any colour that we may not show on our website or colour chart, simply provide us with something to match and we will produce any blend from any combination of coloured Flakes to your desire.

Size: 5kg

Contact us to find out more about the Vinyl Flakes For Flake Flooring Blended Design or any of our other Epoxy Materials.

Additional information

Features 1. 100% naturally occurring inorganic compounds. 2. Widely used in epoxy, acrylic and many other resins. 3. Pearlescent pigments are also used in paint, printing ink, cosmetic, nail polish, auto paint, etc. 4. No harmful to human body. 5. Quality pearl pigments are easily dispersible into transparent paint, printing ink or nail polish. 6. Required dosage of only 1%-2%. 7. Rapidly disperses into your liquid system. 8. Easy roll, brush or pour-on application.
Specifications SHIMICOAT Pearl Luster Metallic Pigment contains Mica and Titanium Dioxide. Both components are naturally occurring inorganic compounds:
Direction Mixing Pearlescent Pigment Powders uses, applications, mix ratios and % proportions. NOTE: The mix procedures below are indicative guidelines/suggested proportions only. Adjustments can be made based on your personal preference/application. Always use a test piece first. Paint Applications: Usage Grams Per Litre Automotive and Refinishing Paints 15-25 Household Electronic and Appliance Paints 5-25 Inner and Outer Wall Paints 15-25 Epoxy Coating Applications: Usage Grams Per Litre Solid Pearls – Ghost Pearls – Nebula Pearls 15-25 Colour-Shift & Chameleon Pearls 20-50 Glow in the Dark Pigments 50 Micro Flakes & Glitters – Holographic Micro Flake 5 Plastic/Acrylic Applications: Usage Proportion (%) Plastic Bottles 0.5-2 Plastic Parts 0.3-1 Plastic Films 1-4 Latex and Rubber Products 5-15 Ink Applications: Usage Proportion (%) Gravure Inks 5-15 Screen Inks 10-30 Offset Inks 5-10

Keep out of reach of children
Read Safety Material Data Sheet (MSDS) of the product prior to use.


The products shall be stored out of direct sunlight and heat at all times. The shelf life of the product is 24 months


Single Colour, Blended Design


Basalt, Pumice, Schist, Jawbreaker, Juneau, Orbit, Domino, Gravel, Outback, Hog, Nightfall, Creekbed, Tidalwave, Accented Pumice, Accented Basalt, Accented Schist, Accented Orbit, Accented Domino, Accented Gravel, Accented Outback, Accented Hog, Accented Nightfall, Accented Creekbed, Accented Tidalwave


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