EpoMatte Matting Agent

EpoMatte EM655 is an easily dispersible inorganic metal complex and a proprietary additive for Epoxy, Acrylic, Urethane and Polyurea resins to increase the abrasion resistance and create micro-textured surface while reducing gloss and providing satin/matte finish surface.

Dosage of EpoMatte EM655 can vary from 10g/L to 20g/L or even significantly more for non-Epoxy resins (25% / 250gr/Lt) to achieve desirable degrees of matte or satin finish surface.

SHIMICOAT offers a comprehensive range of Flooring, Decorative and Slip Resistant coating materials. Shimicoat offers a wide range of resin coating materials to be used in conjunction with EpoMatte EM655 for your desirable finish surface that is attractive, hygienic, safe, functional, modern and economical.

EpoMatte EM655 is an easy to use DIY materials that can be added to any high gloss resin and convert it to Satin/Matte look with added benefits of more durability and textured surface, which feels good under bare feet.

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