Marine Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to flooring, marine applications have very stringent requirements. Salt-water resistance is a given, as well as being able to withstand other harsh environmental elements. Strength, the ability to resist the natural growth of microorganisms, slip-resistance, easy to clean and, of course, aesthetically pleasing, Marine Epoxy flooring ticks all these boxes – plus has the advantage of not requiring frequent waxing to remain pristine.

Thanks to Shimicoat’s range of complete kits and associated materials & consumables, such as:
Clear Marine Epoxy Resin
Decorative Flakes, Quartz and Metallic Tints
Rollers & Brushes

Installing marine epoxy flooring is easy to accomplish. In addition, offering an almost infinite colour range and a variety of finishes, this contemporary flooring surface blends beautifully with any décor. Another advantage of using epoxy flooring on deck and in other marine locations is the longevity and durability it provides. Interior decorators love its diversity and tradies adore the simplicity of an installation.

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