Matte Finish Concrete Sealer

Matte Finish Concrete Sealer MF301 is an Acrylic emulsion to produce a hard, flexible, petrol resistant coating. Matte Finish Concrete Sealer MF301 is recommended for a wide variety of functional, decorative and protective concrete surfaces. It has excellent resistance to water, alkalis and commercial grades of petroleum and hydraulic fluids, making this resin ideal for use on variety of concrete and brick floors and tile surfaces. Matte Finish Concrete Sealer MF301 provides an attractive finish for new and old concrete which is durable surface, ideal for pedestrian and vehicle traffics. SHIMICOAT Concrete Sealer are available in High Gloss, Matte and Tinted Finishes. Tinted sealers are available in most Australian Standard colours AS2700 consisting of 206 colours, to brighten up and flourish any boring look concrete surface. Ideal for most surfaces with strong bonding:

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Limestone
  • Grey Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Non-Glazed Tiles
  • All Pavers
  • Timber Surfaces
  • Metal and Artworks

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