Epoxy Wall Coatings

Epoxy coating is one of the most versatile coverings on the market today. Its use certainly isn’t limited to only flooring – it’s perfectly suited to covering walls and ceilings as well. Contemporary, easy to install and hygienic, epoxy wall coatings integrate beautifully with both traditional and contemporary décor.

Because of its seam-free application, Epoxy is ideal for use where cleanliness is essential, such as in medical facilities and food & beverage locations. Because the surface integrates seamlessly with the surface underneath, it effectively seals all interior surfaces and prevents bacteria, mould and other undesirable elements from contaminating crevices, cracks and microscopic breaks in surface integrity.

Epoxy wall coatings are non-porous, easily cleaned and resistant to chemicals, detergents and abrasion. Plus, thanks to being easily customisable to virtually any colour scheme and coming in a variety of finishes – it looks great!

Ideal for surface areas such as:
• Masonry walls to Wet & Dry Processing Areas
• Old rendered walls to Cool Rooms
• Masonry walls where there is cracking, corrosion, or as a cost effective wall upgrade solution
• Masonry walls where coating or repair is preferred to replacement.
• Masonry walls or sides of Staircases, Store Rooms, Walkways & Corridors, Plinths & Platforms
• Cement fibre sheeting or villa-board

Shimicoat is a leading supplier of all things epoxy, with an extensive portfolio of complete kits, materials and consumables, such as:
Epoxy Flake Floor Complete Kit
Slip Resistant Tinted Epoxy Complete Kit
Swimming Pool Epoxy Resin Complete Kit
Epoxy Crack Repair Complete Kit

Discover our full range in-store or in our easy-to-navigate online shop, where you can also benefit from fast, next-day delivery. Our expert team is also on hand to advise on all of our products, including chemicals and sealers, to help make the right choice for your epoxy application.