Epoxy Flooring Over Tiles

A great advantage of epoxy flooring is that it adheres to so many surfaces. This means that, if the floor or wall is already covered in tiles, it’s wholly appropriate to apply epoxy over the surface without removing them. This is a cost-effective way to completely transform a tiled floor or wall with an aesthetically pleasing, hard-wearing and contemporary surface.

Reasons you might want to cover an existing tiled floor include:
• Chips, cracks or damage
• Grouting that’s dirty and/or beginning to degrade
• Difficult to keep clean
• Slippery when wet
• Upgrading to a more aesthetically pleasing look or a surface that’s easier to keep clean

A further advantage of installing epoxy flooring over a tiled floor is that there’s no need to re-level, prepare the surface beneath or raise the floor back up to its existing level. Plus, there’s no doubt that removing tiles is a messy job – one that involves a great deal of time and effort.

There are a couple of provisos when it comes to laying epoxy flooring over tiles. The first is that the existing tiles are still well-adhered to the surface below. As long as this is the case, Shimicoat’s wide range of Epoxy Coatings includes the easy-to-apply bonding coat that allows the epoxy to adhere securely. The second is the decision of whether to resurface where the tile lines will still faintly show or that will completely cover with no evidence that there are tiles beneath. Both are possible and simple to achieve.

4 Simple Steps to Installing Epoxy Flooring Over Tiles

1. Select the Shimicoat Coating System, colour and finish you require: This will ensure you have all the necessary items for the project.
2. Prepare the surface: Clean and gently sand the floor
3. Apply the primer: The colour will depend on the shade of your topcoat of epoxy flooring
4. Apply the epoxy resin: The final stage provides your top surface. If you’ve chosen a flaked or decorative finish, this is also applied during this stage.

It’s a simple as that…!

The colour choices are endless – you can also select from multiple finishes or even incorporate patterns, lineage or any other decoration that’s required. We’ve created a range of Epoxy Products and complete kits to make purchasing easy. For instance, Epoxy Flake Floor Complete Kit or Epoxy Metallic Floor Complete Kit are ideal for installing a beautiful epoxy floor over existing tiles.

Discover the full Shimicoat range on our website or in-store. If you require advice, our friendly team will be happy to help. All purchases also benefit from next-day delivery – yet another reason that tradies across the state and nation love dealing with Shimicoat for all their epoxy needs.