Epoxy Floor Coving

Coving and coved skirting are well suited to a contemporary epoxy coating. In a variety of industries, including healthcare, food & beverage and pharmaceutical, it’s essential to carry out daily deep cleans. Epoxy is a non-porous material that’s resistant to detergents, disinfectants, chemicals, and abrasion. Epoxy floor coving provides a smooth transition from the wall to the floor – and on steps – removing the dirt trap caused by a 90-degree angle and facilitates easy cleaning.

Where floors need to be flushed with water – something most industrial locations require for cleaning – the national Australian Standard has very strict requirements. These are:
• That the intersection of walls & plinths is to be coved to a minimum radius of 25mm.
• Coving is to be an integral part of the floor, plinth & wall surface finish.
• Where vinyl sheeting is used to form a cove, a preformed coving fillet support is to be used

In addition to national standards, coving must also meet local council requirements. Most councils require up to 100mm coving height. More information, including diagrams showing coving methods, are published in AS4674-2004.

Shimicoat epoxy flooring can effortlessly be installed to conform to these standards.

What is Coving?

Coving is an epoxy mortar installed to the wall and floor junction to create a curve, which is seamlessly incorporated into the floor system that has been applied. This prevents bacteria from harbouring in the wall and floor junction.

Once installed, the coving is coated with an impervious epoxy or polyurethane coating.

Coving can be used in any of the following areas:
• Food & Beverage Production
• Pharmaceutical
• Commercial Kitchens
• Coolrooms & Freezers
• Wet areas

Coved epoxy provides the ideal smooth solution that eliminates the traditional bacteria and grime found in such areas. It’s also extremely strong, meaning it will withstand heavy traffic (including the use of equipment, such as forklifts) for many years. Epoxy wall or floor coving or coved skirting is easily installed in virtually any colour to correspond with décor or a brand theme.

Another option that offers a highly aesthetic and desirable appearance is to use the Epoxy Coving Complete Kit that is ideally suited for coving projects.

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