Cup Grinding Wheels

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels 5″ 125mm

  • For Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Tile and Brick grinding and resurfacing.
  • Offering high accuracy and smooth surface and easy to install and work with.
  • Sharp and long lifespan, suitable for use on hand held grinder and floor grinders.
  • Lightweight and vibration-free design
  • Wet and Dry Performance


Shapes Single Raw, Double Raw, Sworly, Fan, Turbo, Arrow
Diameter 5 Inch (Available in other sizes as well from 4 Inches up to 10 Inches – on request)
Bore 22.23mm
Grits Available in 16# – 30# – 80# – 120#
Bond Medium Bond
Quantity 1 Piece
Colour All Grits Blue – PCDs Gold

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