Epoxy flooring is often used within commercial settings, but it’s also a great choice to use in the home setting. Whether you’re looking at options for a new build or are upgrading or renovating, there are many advantages to this versatile flooring choice.

The following looks at 5 compelling reasons why epoxy flooring should make it onto the domestic flooring shortlist.

1. Epoxy Flooring Looks Fabulous!

Aesthetic appeal is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing the right flooring for your home – and epoxy ticks all the right boxes. Because it’s poured in a liquid form, it provides seamless flooring to an area of any size or shape. The finish is glossy, smooth and comes in virtually any colour that you can imagine. Custom patterns and finishes can be incorporated, including flaky, metallic, polished or matte.

2. Epoxy Flooring is a Breeze to Maintain

This is a truly important consideration – because who, in all honesty, loves housework? All epoxy flooring requires to remain looking superb is regular mopping with water. Dirt and stains wipe away and no specialist products are needed to keep it clean. Unlike other options, such as wood or carpet, the floor remains pristine over many years, without the need for polishing, varnishing or other maintenance work.

3. Epoxy Flooring is Safe and Practical

Non-slip surfaces in a home are essential, especially for small children or older adults. It’s one of the reasons that epoxy is used in public areas, such as restaurants and kitchens. This advantage holds true in the domestic location as well.

4. Epoxy Flooring Offers Excellent Value for Money

From the low installation cost through to its durability and longevity, epoxy is a cost-effective flooring option. The up-front cost is highly favourable compared to other choices and – importantly – it remains looking wonderful for many more years than carpets, wood or vinyl.

5. Epoxy is Great for Hot Climates

Epoxy is a naturally cool product, helping keep your home at an ambient temperature when the mercury soars. It’s also highly resistant to bacteria and mould, making it a great option for those who suffer from conditions, such as asthma or allergies.

As in all walks of life, epoxy flooring suppliers differ in quality and cost. The key to a great domestic installation is to purchase from an epoxy flooring expert and use tradies who’re skilled at the process. Get that combination right and you’ll benefit from an on-trend flooring option that’s cost-effective, durable and brings a stunning and eye-catching feature to your home.

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